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“In 2014 I moved from Punjab, India to New Zealand to study at ACG Yoobee. I originally wanted to study Graphic Design but my English level wasn’t quite high enough so they suggested I sign up for the Level 5 Animation and Digital Video course. At first I was more interested in filmmaking, however once I began learning 3D software I discovered I was pretty good at creating stuff, and I realised that that was the direction I should be taking.

“I started spending more and more time developing my skills on Maya, creating something new every month. My tutors noticed my progress and offered me the chance to jump straight into the Level 7 Diploma in Advanced 3D Graphics after completing my Level 5. This was big news for me because it saved me an entire year of studies, and a lot of money!

“I started Level 7 as a 3D environment artist, and planned to continue specialising in that area. We spent the first month learning about new software and then had to make a 3D render from a still life picture. I decided to do a still life of food, which actually turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. It was extremely difficult! I followed this up with another 3D render of Howl’s moving castle, before we moved onto some group projects. At the beginning of the first group project I was the environment artist but later I became the technical director and the look development artist.  In our second group project I was appointed to the role of director. At graduation I won the award for Best Technical Artist and also the Best Overall Award. I felt so honoured to receive those accolades!

“A couple of months before graduating my tutor referred me to Yukfoo Animation Studios and I was offered an internship as a CG generalist. The group projects that I did at ACG Yoobee help me a lot in my work, as at Yukfoo we work as a team for all our projects. We are each assigned a particular part of the project, and we have to keep up with our deadlines and get feedback from our supervisors. I learnt so many valuable things during my two years at ACG Yoobee. I developed skills using different software such as Maya, Zbrush and Mari, plus I learned a lot of life skills like patience, time management, teamwork and how to meet deadlines.

“I’m really happy at Yukfoo for now, but I also believe it’s not good to stand in one place for too long, so eventually I’ll try and get into bigger studios and keep building my experience, and making my own projects on the side. One day I want to direct my own movie. That’s my biggest dream!  When I feel like I’m ready to be a producer, I’m definitely going to make my own feature film.”

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